Is Your Opening Alienating the Audience?
Capture audience attention in your talk, keep them involved, make the audience the hero, and close with something they will remember.
~ John Bates
It's one of the most critical lessons I teach, and one of the most obvious - start with an opening that captures their attention!
What would you say is the most important part of any talk or presentation you give? The opening, of course! Without question, it is the most important element, and probably the most often neglected, by presenters.

Because people are so tapped into TED talks and TED-style talks, and because our video culture has infiltrated the collective psyche, the bar is now set very high for leaders who are tasked with speaking to a group - large or small! How do you capture an audience, spark their interest, and leave them inspired? Solid openings and closings are the most basic parts. 

I want to offer you some valuable information on openings and closings that you can use right now! FOR FREE.

Get started now on your speaking journey with me, and you will immediately receive Openings that capture their attention and Closings they will remember. In addition, you will become part of the ESS speaker tribe, and be able to receive stories from the road and carefully curated speaking tips I share with the groups and individuals who train with me.
Coach John Bates
Coaching You to Powerfully Connect with Your Audience
  • I have trained thousands of speakers like you for TED, TEDx and in corporate environments. My training is used by top executives at Johnson & Johnson, NASA, Accenture and many other corporations. I am currently one of the most prolific TED-Format trainers in the world.
  •  My years of audience study and practice allows me to provide you with valuable insights.
  •  I assist leaders in finding the uniqueness in their individual stories, which allows them to connect with their audiences in an authentic way.
  •  It's science! I share principles that come from a research-backed approach to working with audiences of any size.
  •  I have made mistakes too, (probably worse, and dumber, than yours) and I am willing to share with you what I have learned the hard way, so you don't make the same mistakes.
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I need to workshop my material.

We will work together to help you find your authentic voice and stories to share with those you lead or are speaking to. Sign up and receive the effective Openings and Closings PDF, and join the speaker tribe to learn more. Like what you are learning? I will follow-up and you can schedule time with me to workshop your material.

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Download the effective Openings and Closings PDF. I will also send you opportunities for online learning and mini-courses you can use to practice on your own. What are you waiting for? Click the link below and get started now.

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I offer a full version of the Speak Like a Leader Bootcamp online. Get started today with  the effective Openings and Closings PDF download. I will reach out to you so we can discuss if my online training is right for you.

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Bring my Speak Like a Leader Bootcamp to your team, and I will offer my unique training in-person. I will reach out to you, and we can schedule a call.
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He not only brings out the best in you when you talk, but he looks inside your soul when he does it. And he helps you see things you don't want to see, you can't see, but it's things you need to see to make you the best that you can be."

Melinda Richter,
Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation Labs

That knowledge from John has completely changed how I present today...and we got great feedback after the talk. So, it's working!"

Stephanie Venn Watson
Co-Founder and CEO / Epitracker
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